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I hate my baby daddy

I really hate it if I'm the only negative nancy in here, but I need to vent or else I'll go crazy. So I told my bd I was preggo at around 4 weeks when. 17 Dec But prayer isn't just for my sanity. Its for the growth of my child's father as well. If I don't pray for him, we all suffer. Prayer is my release. I literally. well, I havent ever really posted blogs or anything before except on myspace, but I figured I could post one on here so I can feel that Im not.

17 Jun Will they go away after the baby is born? Is it just pregnancy hormones making me go crazy? This is my first time being pregnant so I have no. I hate my child's dad for various of reasons. First and foremost how badly he has treated me for 5 years. I've lost things that will never be. 9 Apr I hate my baby father told him about the baby hasn't even manned up and called me to see how the unborn baby is I have gave him a chance 2.

Ugh I hate my baby daddy: He is so annoying. He has a lot of growing up to do. He cannot make up his mind. One minute he wants to be with me then he wants. Read i hate him but he's my baby's daddy from the story I hate him, but he's my baby's daddy by Krisnmesh with reads. hate, daddy. Chapter 5 i hear. It blows my mind how someone can contribute absolutely nothing to their child's well-being. No emotional, physical, or financial contributions.



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