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Who is the best player in NBA 2K13? Cast your votes below! When it comes to the best 2K13 players, there are lots of great athletes to choose from. Add your. Madden Ratings · Madden · NCAA Football · NBA 2K · NBA Live · Other · Players · Rosters · Blog. Game Notes . Top Rated Players. Picture. 98 LeBron James. 1 Jul Rashidi, the Real 2K Insider brings his NBA 2K13 roster to 2K Share and Rotations, and Coach Profiles have been edited for all NBA players.

Pages in category "NBA 2K13 players". LeBron James. Stephen Curry. Kyrie Irving. Carmelo Anthony. Paul George. Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson. 19 Sep TheHardwared ago. These ratings are stupid. There should be categorically placed, Lebron James is a 94 and rondo is what if I put. 25 Sep NBA 2K13 is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated basketball games ever, and for good reason.

13 Sep A screenshot from NBA 2K13 has been revealed showing the top 20 rated players in the game. It does not show their exact ratings but based. 14 Apr Here's a look at the Top 25 most durable players in NBA 2k The players are rated according to their durability stat. No surprise that Kobe. 28 Apr One way is to go by the ratings of NBA 2K Players rated high are able to back down weaker players with ease and they can set more.



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