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23 Jan If you haveing System Idle Process high cpu usage issue, follow these methods to fix it. Apply to Windows 10, 7, 8, , XP & Vista. 14 May CPU Idle is a CPU cooling application that can lower the temperature of your processor. It allows you to improve the stability of your system. 1 Mar Why your Microsoft Windows System Idle Process is high on your computer. For example, System Idle Process showing 98% CPU usage.

Problem solved! I decided to reveal how given how many high CPU usage threads there are with people claiming System Idle Process was at. 9 Mar Because of the Idle Process function, it may seem to users that the process is monopolizing resources (CPU time, Memory etc). However. 11 Sep CpuIdle lowers the CPU temperature. This enhances CPU life (a decrease by 10° C doubles the life span) and cuts power consumption.

In Windows NT operating systems, the System Idle Process contains one or more kernel The CPU time attributed to the idle process is therefore indicative of the amount of CPU time that is not needed or wanted by any other threads in the. Clearly, based on how sluggish my system is the CPU is at 65% even though the process window shows only the idle process using 99%. System idle is how much of the cpu that isn't used. You can see in the cpu tab that usage is the opposite of what system idle process shows.



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